Viking 066958-000 D-Burner Cap Matte Blk

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Viking 066958-000 D-Burner Cap Matte Blk

066958-000 Viking D Burner Cap Matte Black subst for PA080083

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Used In:

  • DGSU101-4B, VGRT302, VGRT560-6G, VGSU104-4B, VGSU103, VGSU163, VGSU164-6B
  • DGSU161-5B, VGRT362, VGRT482, VGRT560-6GQ, VGRT548-4G, VDSC367, VDSC487
  • DGRT301-4B, DGRT361-5B, DSCD1301-4B, VGSC307, VGSC487-4GQ, LVDSC367-6B,
  • CVDSC307AFTER12-08-06, VGIC487, VDSC548-4GQ, EVDSC530-4B, DCCG130-4B, VGIC308
  • EVGCC536-4G, EVGCC548-4GQ, VGSC548-6G, EVGCC548-6Q, EVGCC548-8B, VGSC536-6B
  • VGSC548-4G, VGSC536-4Q, VGSC548-4GQ, VGSC5304B, EVGCC548-6G, VGSC548-8B, VGCC560-6G, EVGCC536-4Q, EVGCC536-6B, EVGCC530-4B, DCCG13014B, VGSC548-6Q, VGIC488-6Q,
  • VGIC488-4GQ, VGIC367, VGIC488-4Q, VGRT536-4Q, VGIC488-6G, VGIC488-4G, VGRT482-4GQ
  • VGRT242, VGRT536-4G, VGRT362-4QAFTER07-09-07, VGRT482-6GAFTER07-09-07, VGRT530-4B,
  • VGRT482-4GAFTER07-09-07, VGRT548-6Q, VGRT548-4GQ, VGRT362-4GAFTER07-09-07, VGRT548-8B, VGRT482-6QAFTER07-09-07, VGRT536-6B, VGRT482-4QAFTER07-09-07, VGSC487-6G, VGSC367, VGSC487-4G, VGSC487-4K, VGSC487-4Q, VGSC487-6Q, VGRT362-6BAFTER07-09-07, VGIC307, VGIC307DSI, DGRT300, EVDSC536-4Q, EVDSC536-4G, EVDSC536-6B, LVDSC367-4QAFTER09-01-06, LVDSC307AFTER12-08-06, VDSC530T, VGRT5486G, VGIC368-4G, VGIC368-4Q
  • VGRT302AFTER07-09-07, VGIC368-6B, DSCD130-4B, DGRT360, VDSC367-4GAFTER09-01-06
  • VDSC487-6QAFTER07-10-06, VDSC487-4GQAFTER06-22-06, VDSC536-6B, VDSC536-4Q,
  • VDSC367-6BAFTER08-30-06, VDSC487-6GAFTER06-14-06, VDSC536T-4G, VDSC487-4QAFTER07-24-06, VDSC548T-4G, VDSC487-4GAFTER06-22-06, VDSC367-4QAFTER09-01-06, VDSC560-6G
  • VDSC5301, VDSC536-4G, VDSC548T-6Q, VDSC536T-4Q, VDSC548-6Q, VDSC548T-6G, VDSC536T-6B, VDSC548-4G, VDSC548T-4GQ, VGSC536-4G, VGR5488BSS02

Any orders over $99.00 will ship for FREE in the U.S.


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